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Jobs  *  Fiscal how to become a real estate agent Responsibility  *  Less Government

"Our state is hemorrhaging jobs as people best cordless drill and families are losing their financial security and stability.

"We must income protection put a freeze on any new spending.  We simply cannot keep spending the way we mortgage advisor are and think that we will ever recover.  

"New representation is needed throughout our Democratic-led state and federal government. It's time to clean house, and senate!"

A Message From Tom:

Thank buy instagram likes you to all for your help and support. The battle was lost but, the fight will go on

God Bless America
Tom Lamberson
Proud American 

"Over the last year, my sports authority coupons family and I have watched state governmentPayday Loan grow, while trend and get Wisconsin back on firm economic ground

"The power and control the government has over us today is way beyond what our founding fathers and our constitution had intended and tried to protect. Our freedoms are being replaced by bureaucrats who choose power and control over rights and freedoms."

With your support we can begin to turn things around for Wisconsin's hard working families!  Please Support Republican Tom Lamberson for Senate for Wisconsin's 27th District.